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New Zealand Deer Velvet Products

Vet Formula
60x750mg Tablets
AUD $39
120x750mg Tablets
AUD $70

“I’ve had good success in derm cases that look really Blood deficient from a TCM point of view... I’ve had a few very young animals recovering from generalized demodecosis, or with poor fur regrowth do well also. In addition to its immune support benefits, I wonder if it’s restoring more normal barrier function in these guys. With the mobility cases, I again seem to be finding spectacular success with most Jing deficient/Blood deficient/Yin deficient groups. To me, it seems to create a lot more elasticity and “forgiveness” in connective tissue. I’ve got some chondrodysplastic disk dogs running on it as a preventive against further issues...” - Dr Jennifer Marshall DVM – Marsden Holistic Vet Clinic, Alberta, Canada